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Ghently does it !!!!!

Ghent is known for its fine dining ,hopping nightlife and streetfestivals.

Beerhouses in Ghent :

The Hopduvel... at 10 Rokerelsstraat (about 15-20 mins walk from the centre along the canals) - a little old terraced house opens up into a huge beer bar (and back garden) with an equally huge range of beers and nice food. About 200 beers.

The Trollekelder... about 3 mins walk from the Dulle Griet at 17 Bij St Jacobs. 140 beers. A 2-storey atmospheric wooden bar decorated with the ubiquitous troll dolls.

Deus ... 128 Vlaanderenstraat, out towards the bus station, about 10-15 mins walk from the centre. A modern street corner cafe decorated in light wood. 180 beers and excellent food - try the scampi salad with framboise viniagrette.

Trappistenhuis ...at 164 Brabantdam which is 2 mins walk away from the Deus. An old fashioned wooden bar with lots of brewery signs and old beer bottles: 150 beers. No food. Open weekend evenings and 11-02.00 weekdays.

Brouwzaele ...17 Ter Platen, along one of the canals down towards the Citadel Park. 100 beers.

That should give you a good taster. But you absolutely must, must buy Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide to Belgium before you go - its invaluable if you love Belgian beer.

Restaurants in Ghent :

Foodwise I recommend the Konigshaus and the Pakhuis, off the top of my head. • www.cafetheatre.be www.thehouseofeliott.be www.artichaut.be • www.cafeparti.be • www.patyntje.be • www.graafvanegmond.be • www.pascalino.com • www.thebarons.be • www.go2gent.be/GO2eat.cfm

Nightlife in Ghent :

• www.comonline.be/maxima • www.cafeplan.be • www.kinepolis.be • www.cultureclub.be • www.poplife.be